Available Cubbies

Available Cubbies

Here is our current litter and available cubbies.

Ametrina X Jasper

Ametrina X Jasper

April 2, 2021

Citrina's litter

Citrina's litter

January 26, 2021


Gabriella Sheridan

The best breeders you will ever meet! I got my Savannah kitten from them and he is the absolute best cat. They treat their cats like kings and give them all the love they need.

Debra Grothaus

I bought my beautiful kitten Purrsephone from these wonderful people. They were easy and knowledgeable to work with. The kitten is smart healthy and a magnificent addition to our family!

Ashley Perenich

We purchased an F5 Savannah kitten from Archibald’s Pride and he’s the sweetest cat ever. He’s transformed my husband into the biggest cat lover! They take wonderful care of the kittens and even their kids help to make them perfectly socialized. We are enamored with our Simba and his super affectionate personality. Highly recommend!!

Natecia Cowart

Had a great time playing w the kittens as well as the other cats they are all super playful and friendly Heidi and William are wonderful altogether a great experience can’t wait to return while they are still little.

Chynise Williams

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting with Archibalds Pride this afternoon and MY GOODNESS did my heart melt! ❤️ Such an amazing and therapeutic experience for sure! I look forward to my next visit!