Ambrose & Opal Sky

March 24, 2023

Litter of 4 born March 24th 2023. This is Opal's last litter, she will be retiring. Two male and two females.

Gerold is a very handsome boy that will turn heads! He has a very soft bronze marbled coat that just glows when the light hits him, Stunning golden eyes, he hold up some BIG ears with WILD tufts coming in, has a super LONG Savannah tail, and HUGE polydactyl paws. He loves to give kisses like a puppy when he sees you. He is always in a happy playful mood getting his brother Herold into mischief lol. When he wants to play he arches his back and gets a mowhawk all the way down his tail. He has a fearless outgoing personality and loves attention, if we don’t talk to him he will Chirp louder and louder until someone answers him, he is just precious!

Harold is a very sweet, not-so-little, lover boy. He is sporting some HUGE polydactyl paws, an adorable Bob-tail that he wags like a dog, Lynx~curled ears and a stunning marbled coat. He is going to be a 20lbs+ cat when full grown like some of his previous siblings. He is very smart and follows us around chirping to communicate. He loves his brother Gerold and they chirp back and fourth. This breed is very easily trained and will be your best friend and partner in crime.

Cybella is an absolutely gorgeous kitten. She has beautiful wild eyes, curled ears with tufts coming in everywhere’s! She has a silk, spotted coat & underbelly, and long Savannah beautiful tail. She trips over her HUGE polydactyl paws that she uses to give big hugs with. Her size will be quite LARGE as she’s the best eater in her litter and extremely solid lol. As far as her sweet personality, she is very social and has the Bobcat dog~like behavior. She romps around and carries huge toys in her mouth. She absolutely loves being carried and goes limp when we pick her up . She loves being talked to and told she is a princess and is always asking to come into bed with us. We adore this girl!

Miyuki Bear Opal Sky

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point

 Miyuki Bear Opal Sky  Miyuki Bear Opal Sky  Miyuki Bear Opal Sky

Rottins Hades

Fawn Ticked Tabby

Fierce Warrior

Brown (Black) Ticked Tabby

Spunkyboo Savvanah Oftheworld

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point

Queencitycats Simone

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby

Mr Showboat of Queencitycats

Seal Sepia Classic Tabby

Rottins Earizistible Gigi

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Gerold male -Reserved Mims Florida~

Harold male -Available-

Cybella female -Available-