Ametrina and Zedediah

December 27, 2022

We are excited for Ametrina and Zedediah's 2nd litter of 3 females & 1 male.

Crowley: He is quite an exotic looking little man with his white coloring and black spots. He has huge ears, huge polydactyl paws, and 3/4 natural bobtail. This boy is a wild little man and growls when he plays and eats hilarious. He absolutely loves to snuggle and sleep in bed with us and we wake up with him snuggling every morning. He is going to crack up his new family with his funny spunky personality.

Isabella: This princess is nicknamed Bella for her sweet personality. She is the largest in her litter and has a beautiful unique light white/golden coat, huge ears with tufts & tips, huge feet with extra toes, and a long Savanna tail. She is a vocal girl and will let us know when she wants snacks or wants to be picked up with her adorable chirp. She loves to play hunt with her sister Amelia and she will growl so fierce. She prefers larger sized toys and has even stollen a flip flop or 2 already.

This exotic looking lady we call Amelia. She has the wild look down with her big curled ears, tufts, polydactyl paws, and long Savannah tail. Her coat is a beautiful dark golden with big dark spots. She is a sweet girl that will follow us around and chirps absolutely precious. She is usually play hunting with her sister Lilly, she thinks she is savage and growls over toys or food when she’s excited. She is looking like she will be on the larger size and is definitely preferring large toys to play with. She is going to be stunning.

Ametrina and Zedediah

Archibaldspride Zedediah Hart

White Marbled

 Archibaldspride Zedediah Hart  Archibaldspride Zedediah Hart  Archibaldspride Zedediah Hart

Jasper Sunrise

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

 Jasper Sunrise  Jasper Sunrise  Jasper Sunrise

Kessavannah Trump

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Josette Fifi

Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby

Miyuki Bear Opal Sky

Seal Lynx (Tabby) Point

 Miyuki Bear Opal Sky  Miyuki Bear Opal Sky  Miyuki Bear Opal Sky

Rottins Hades

Fawn Ticked Tabby

Queencitycats Simone

Brown (Black) Classic Tabby

Glitzycatz Ametrina May Star

Black Silver Spotted Tabby

 Glitzycatz Ametrina May Star  Glitzycatz Ametrina May Star  Glitzycatz Ametrina May Star

Bellehollow Zahara of Glitzycatz

Black Silver Spotted Tabby

Sascatz Titan of Bellehollow

Black Silver Spotted Tabby

Bellehollow Zeva


Isabella female ~Reserved~

Crowley male ~Reserved Florida~

Amelia Female ~Unavailable Florida~

Lola Female ~Future Queen~